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Rehab Salty




Renew, restore, refresh

Don’t in-salt your hair, restore and refresh it from root to tip with a minty-fresh, enzymic cleanse. Fresh kiwi, pineapple, and mango juices break down dirt and oil, while hand-harvested coarse sea salt and menthol crystals invigorate your scalp, Rehab Salty's the ultimate reset button.

Why choose Rehab Salty?
Pineapples, papayas, mangos, and kiwis all contain enzymes that dissolve and remove dead skin cells, creating a powerfully exfoliating effect in this shampoo that leaves your scalp and hair cleansed and shiny.

A refreshing herbal helping of peppermint, lavender, and rosemary oils, with fruity undertones.

How to use:
Scoop and lather onto wet hair, rinse and condition as usual. Use twice for the ultimate refresh.

Build your routine:

Before shampooing with Rehab Salty, start off the stimulation with the minty and revitalising Roots scalp treatment.


Once you've shampooed Roots out with Rehab Salty, use olive oil-rich Retread conditioner, and maximise your hair’s tensile strength.


Finish the routine with the beautifully scented Super Milk conditioning spray, great on second or third-day hair to refresh and rehydrate your ends, curls, and coils. ""


Natural Ingredients

Safe Synthetics

*occurs naturally in essential oils.


We have been fighting against animal testing since before we opened our first shop, and the fight continues today. We test products on humans and promote, fund and use human biology-relevant testing methods entirely animal and animal-product-free.

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