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Winter Range

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Little Snow Fairy



A duo of sweet snow fairy treats.

When you need some Snow Fairy magic in your life, this little gift goes a long way. Lay back and let the sweet scent of the bath bomb fizz around you, then top up with the candy floss shower gel.

What’s this ethical gift made of?
Cord: 100% recycled polyester made from recycled drinks bottles. The bottles are collected, then prepared and melted through what looks like a showerhead to make yarn. This is spooled onto a cone and sent to the UK to be made into a cord.

Paper: Made from 100% recycled paper. No primary fibres are used for our paper products and for every tonne of 100% recycled paper produced, 70% less water is used compared to virgin fibre paper.
Eco Pops: Your gift will be packed with these expanded starch biodegradable product protectors.

- Snow Fairy Bath Bomb
- Snow Fairy Shower Gel 100g


We have been fighting against animal testing since before we opened our first shop, and the fight continues today. We test products on humans and promote, fund and use alternative testing methods entirely animal and animal-product free.

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