Spend 30 KD and enjoy FREE delivery. Below 30 KD with 1 KD delivery charge for the nearest area and 2 KD for the far area. We will deliver within 2 days from 10 AM until 3 PM



Great Balls of Bicarb


KD 18.00

Brush Strokes

Face Masks

KD 5.75

Sunshine and Rainbows


KD 7.75

Flyway Hair

Shampoo Bars and Liquid

KD 6.25

Good Karma... Everybody Needs Some

Shower Gels and Shower Jellies

KD 5.00

Twilight Bubble Bar

Bubble Bars

KD 3.00

The Great Wave

Bubble Bars

KD 3.75

Support Bubble

Bubble Bars

KD 2.75

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